How I’m Sprucing Things Up This Fall

As the seasons come and go, our lives begin to shift ever so slightly — whether it's what we put on our bodies or the foods we eat (I'm so sad to say goodbye to Trader Joe's ready ripe fruit crates). There's no secret that the summer is my favorite season, but that's not to say … Continue reading How I’m Sprucing Things Up This Fall


Style Guide: Leopard/Cheetah Print (Warm Edition)

Ever since the Cheetah Girls debuted, I became head over heels in love with cheetah and/or leopard print. Both animals have slight differences in what they look like. Cheetahs have sporadic, uniquely shaped black spots on their tan skin. Leopards are a little more complex with tan skin and distinctive circular black shapes. The prints … Continue reading Style Guide: Leopard/Cheetah Print (Warm Edition)